Marketing "New London Terminal"

At some point after the Waldo Clarke years these NEW LONDON TERMINAL display ads were created by the State Pier's managers. They likely date to the 1960s or 70s, when the Area Code for eastern Connecticut was still 203.

A footnote states that "New London Terminal" is a member of the North Atlantic Ports Association, Inc., and that its "Affiliated companies" are New Haven Terminal, Excello Corp, and Harbor Transportation.

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The three posters are shown below as photographic negatives. A fourth, not shown, was a collage of cargo images: plywood, hemp, copper, abaca fiber, core stock and two views of the warehouse.


Note: The North Atlantic Ports Association is a going concern in 2021, promoting ocean commerce "in a responsible manner in order to strengthen the U.S. economy and help our communities prosper." A video on the NAPA website showcases "how investment in infrastructure has connected the businesses and entrepreneurs across the State of Maine to greater market opportunities."