Introduction, Sources and Acknowledgements

State Pier postcard

This account of New London's Connecticut State Pier and its neighbor, the Central Vermont Railway Pier, salutes the ambitions and abilities of the New Londoners who promoted their city as a modern shipping center on one of the finest harbors of the East Coast.


The story has been told for well over a century in the form of articles in New London's newspaper, The Day, from the first ideas for an ocean terminal in the late 19th century to news reports, beginning in 2019, about a new and radically different use for the piers.

The origins of the State Pier and key developments in its checkered timeline are also woven through the pages of Gregory Stone's The Day Paper, a history of the newspaper which is also a political and economic history of the city it serves.

Special thanks are extended to The Day for permission to reproduce photographs and quote liberally from more than 100 years of reporting on the subjects of this exhibition.

The curator is indebted to Laurie Deredita, Ted Hendrickson, John Ruddy and Susan Tamulevich for their assistance.              

-----Brian Rogers, Online Exhibitions Curator, March 2021                                                     


Books in the Frank L. McGuire Maritime Library from which much of this exhibition has been drawn are listed below


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Introduction, Sources and Acknowledgements