January 5-7

Monday, January 5th AD 1846

With a - Strong N-E trade wind - and under all · Sail - Steering West ·· At · half · past - 2 o-clock P.M. Saw the Island of Guam bearing N-W. distant 25 miles · took in Studing [sic] sails and - hauled · up N-N-W – At · Night headed to the S + - E · In Lat 13- N20, Long. 146° 24 E.

Tuesday, Jan 6th

At - Sun Rise have the Island bearing W N-W · pased [sic] to the Eastward of It · and Saw an · other [sic] to - the Northward distant about 20 miles - Steered along the N +- W Side to the South + · W · . At one o clock PM come abreast of the harbour · and got a pilot at · 2 o clock · and - passed within the reef - and · anchored - At about 4 o clock · in a large - Bay – called Apra.

Wednsday, 7th

To-day Capt D- went on Shore to go to the City, 7 miles back. - Imployed [sic] Breakeing [sic]  out the cargo + coopering. Weather rainey [sic] –

Thursday 8th

All hands · Imployed [sic] coopering the Cargo - Weather fine. – At - Noon the Capt returnd [sic] · on · board. - In the afternoon he informd [sic] me - that he would - give me my discharge · here.

[Ink smear] Tuesday, Jan - 27th

At - 9 O Clock - A-M Left - Apra Bay – for Umota – to water the Ship - With a moderate breeze. Anchored · at Umota - at - 12 - at noon - within a cables [sic] length of the Shore. - Here is No town as I can See. there is [sic] three or four Houses - - upon the beech [sic] - and - a port upon the Hill clost [sic] to - the Sea Shore - over looking [sic] the buildings below –


Februaru 1-8

Sunday February 1st 1846

This day have strong NE trades steered to the N- weather clear- double reefed to [sails] This day at 11 AM Capt. Destin requested to know of me whether I [wished] him to put some body in my place as he was now going on to the whaleing ground—I replied the he could do as he saw fit and proper. about that I had done my duty as 3 mate of the which he could not deny—and I felt competent to do it—But [as] to being [ ] ed [ ] as I had been I should not [indure] it—After much talk and exca apitulation—I agreed to go to duty—and to be in the Starboard Watch---- At 12 o clock at Noon – returned to duty after being off since December the 30th 1845 one week before we arrived at Apra Guam

Monday, Feb. 2nd

continues steady breeze from EN-E steered by the wind to the Northward. under double reefed top.sails +coursers. Main top Sail unbent for repairs—weather fine—

Tuesday Feb 3

This day fine weather with light breeze at EN-E steered N. under all Sail—I painted the Bow Boat this day-

Sunday Feb 8th

The weather has been fine with light winds and [colins] Since Tuesday the [  ] to day have a light air from W-N-W steering N. Yester-day + to day [  ] a quantity of pommice Stone We have been imployed the past week in repairing Sails and fitting cutting pendants and getting them aloft-- +c  +c Lat by obs 22   - 18’ N  Long. 140 -48’ E


February 15-23

Sunday Feb. 15th1846

The weather has been light and pleasant but chilly at night. Saturday had a moderate 

gale from E.N.E [log] [too]  under clost. Sail—This morning at-day light made all sail. With a light breeze at heading W.N.W. at 7 A-M shifts to N-W- and blows-strong in [flaios]  [wore] and steered NNE—At Noon under double-reefed. Top Sails—the sky clear— At 3-P.M. [veered] off to N.E. with the wind two points free. Lat at Noon 27 - 54’ N      Long at 2 ½ P.M. 138  East

Sunday Feb. 22nd

This day moderately strong breeze – from NNW steering NE under double reefed top sails + gib + courses—The weather quite cold and the sky cloudy—Since Monday the 16th we have had strong squally weather and rain and Hail. And three days Strong Gale from the West and N + W – Thursday the 19 [We] [passed] near a small Island. quite high—Saw numbers of Birds [Mallamalot] and Albatross – the next day weather moderate – made all sail at [dawn] set saw an other small peak. To the westward + -At Sun Set this evening. - Shortened Sail. With quite moderate weather and [wore] Ship headig ing W-N-W wind light at N. So End. The 22

Monday. Feb – 23 –

All [hands] at day light to make Sail. Moderate breeze at N. in squalls_heading NW by 1. this day quite pleasant – and ends – fine and nearly – a calm.. [Imployed] over hauling the windlass  + repairing Sails – makein Ing [Spunyarn] – Send down the fore top gal [lant] [zared] and [Enning ] Sagging +c +c. At Sun Set Shortened Sail. – Capt. D. and Her. Holt - have a - quarrel. Capt. D. called him and Mr. Lyons – damned [Lyers}  Liars +c. +c. So Ends


February 24-March 1

Tuesday Feb 24th [AD] 1846

The forenoon fine light weather—made all sail at 6 o clock AM with a light breeze at West heading N-N-W. Afternoon light squalls of rain—The officers [Comc] Standing mastheaded..At 6 P.M. shortened sail nearly a calm. Steered-N- Night moderate with rain 

Wednesday 25th

All hands at day light made sail with a light breeze at S. W. steered N. breeze increased to a gale with heavy rain by Noon. took in all Sail + hove too heading S.S.E  Afternoon [wore] and headed W-N-W- with a heavy sea. Very near loading our Boats. Night continues blowing towards morning moderates

Thursday 26th

All hand at day light to make sail with moderate weather and breeze at W-S-W [Steires] N increased and at Noon blows a Gale Shortened sail and hove too. Afternoon shift suddenly to N with a tremendous bad sea. [Ship] heading E-N-E. Large flock of Birds Albatrosf. about the Ship. Night continues a strong Gale—with flights of rain snow + Hail

Friday Feb. 28th

The.Gale abated and .We have quite fine weather. But a heavy swell—Imployed [Repa]ring sails and rigging—and various other jobs and bent the cotton foresail— We made sail at 10 AM—and Shortened sail at 6 PM. breeze light at N.W—and—clear weather. Put-up our [Stoves] to day forward +aft—Night remains moderate with some rain. Wind from the Southward + light

Sunday March 1st [AD] 1846

This day light breeze from the N. and cloud dy and some rain—made Sail at 7 AM. Shortened Sail at half-past five P-M-


March 2-6

Monday March - 2nd AD - 1846

During the night commenced - a Gale from North - and - rain and - Cold - –   Blows all day Strong    at - 6 A-M furled the main Top Sail and log under the fore + main Spencers -   Afternoon moderate a little   at 4 P-M Set the main top Sail   double reefed   heading E-N-E    At Night Strong Squalls of wind with rain some Hail - + - Snow - from N-W –

Tuesday March 3d

This day moderate    at 8 o clock A M - made Sail –    Wind light with Strong Squalls and Some rain from N-W -   Ship heading N-N-E under - double reefed to [sic; should be "top"?] Sails + - Courses – At - 6 P-M Shortened Sail –   At - Night light airs and calm

Wednsday March - 4th

In the forenoon calm and - rain -  Afternoon fresh breeze from N-N-E    Steered N-W –   at - 6 - AM - made Sail -   at - 4 P-M reefed top Sails -   At 6 - P-M took in all Sail but clost reefed main top Sail + fore Spencer    The Night remains good pleasant weather and but a light breeze - -

Thursday March 5th

 At - 6  o clock - A-M -  all hands to make Sail   weather light and - Sea Smooth -   At 8 o clock Saw two Wright [sic] Whales -   lowered the boats and chased - two miles - going quick to the N-+ - E -  could not get near them –   the weather remains - light and good through the day.   At 6 P-M  Shortened Sail - – Breeze light from the N + - E    Steered to the N - + W –

Friday, March 6th

At 3 o clock A-M - commenced a Strong breeze from - N–E  -   At 6 o'clock A-M furled the fore Sail and and [sic] clost reefed the main top Sail.             Lat at Noon 35° 20N  Long. 141 - 10  



March 6-10

Saturday March 7th  1846

All hands - at - 6 A–M and made all - Sail with light weather -    through the day light winds calms and Squalls - At - the Northward - and westward –   Steering to the northward - At 6 P-M Shortened sail - and wore Ship - and headed W-S-W - Night - continues very light weather –

Sunday March - 8th

Made all Sail at - Sun rise [?] with a light breeze at N_ -      At - 9 - o clock - AM commenced - pumping Ship and found much - oil -     Broke out - the hold - and found Several casks empty and - partly empty -    At 6 P-M Shortened Sail - with light pleasant weather - and - three hundred bbls of - oil on Deck -    In Breaking out the cask - It was found that they were not properly Stowed and Badly coopered –    weather at Night good

Monday March 9th

Called - all hands at - 5 1/2 A-M and - made all - Sail with a light breeze at S-E and fine pleasant weather    [Unclear] off - and Steered N-W -   Saw two Wright [sic] Whales going past to the S - + - E - Commenced - Stowing down the Oil -   Saw Several fin Backs   At 4 o clock blows - a Gale from E-S-E took in all - Sail - heading S - with rain -   Stowed down 120 bbls of Oil – Strong gale through the Night –

Tuesday, March 10th

This day in the Morning Blows Strong from S - with a heavy cross Sea - and much rain     at - 10 A-M the wind lulls and - Shifts to N-W - with a very bad Sea – Made Sail and - Steered to the N + E - last night    at - 4 o clock - AM - James Thompson got - hurd [sic] with the wheel –


March 11-15

Wednsday [sic] March 11th

All hands · at - half past five AM and made all· Sail -  . with good· weather and a light breeze from N-E - . Imployed to day Stowing down Oil ·and finished at [unclear] o clock P-M. Saw - some . [unclear] Backup?? - to day. Steered N-N-W with a light breeze - from _W. - Last - 10 - bbls· out · of - 250 · in [unclear]. At night carrying all Sail – At - night pleasant weather — — —

Thursday - March - 12th

At- Sun rise · Strong breeze at S-W  Steered S-W · double reefed top sails – Afternoon Blows a Gale -  at - 2 o clock clost reefed - main top Sail · and - hove too [sic] Ship   Very wet - –

Friday March 13th

This day continues a heavy Gale from West - and - cold - with squalls of rain Hail and - Snow – -Boats stoven on the cranes – weather very Bad – At night the weather continues much the same. - 

Saturday March 14th

This day · Blows  · Strong - and · dry · weather with the wind at · N-W. Afternoon quite moderate – Lat at noon by obs. S6°-14’N   During the night moderates and · we · make Sail.

Sunday March 15

At · Sun rise moderately good weather with a good whole sail  breeze · at - South   made all · Sail and · steered W N-W · Afternoon strong breeze · and much · rain - At Sun Set clost-reefed the top sails - and - furled the jib and · main Sail - Steering N-W by · W – Through · the night quite moderate — the wind Shifts to W-N W - + - N-W no rain after 9 o clock – P-M –


March 16-19

Monday, March 16th 1846

This day commences with fine weather and a light breeze from N.W. heading N-N-S. Made all sail at 6:00 A M. At noon had a squall from about [unclear] the wind has gone entirely around the compass to day. At [unclear] took in all sail with a strong breeze from N-W. Ships heading N. Employed this day repairing main and mizen [unclear] [unclear] - and - Boats. At night blows strong in frequent squalls and dry weather.

Tuesday, March 17th

The morning moderate made sail double [unclear] to the sails & courses. Ship by the wind heading N-N-S wind N-W. Afternoon blows heavy in squalls with hail rain & snow at - one [unclear] shortened sail. At Sun set - took in the fore sail - weather very Cold.

At 11 o’clock at night had several very heavy squalls. Carried away a main [unclear] sail sheet – called all hand to [unclear] it and turn up the starboard boat.

Wednesday, March 18th

Blows a heavy gale. At 8 o clock A M. the [unclear] cut water and head was found to be off – cleared away and took it on Deck - Towards night the weather moderates and we set the main top sail closest [unclear] – Through the night moderate. 

Thursday, March 19th

All hands and made sail at 6 o clock A M. with strong breeze and increasing North rain from [unclear]. At 8 o clock blows strong and much rain took in all sail and [unclear] too – the remainder of the day [unclear] [unclear] wind all around -


March 20-25

Friday, March 20 – 1846

This day we are laying too under main [Spencer?] in a Strong Gale from NW with heavy squalls of Hail and snow – Last night at 12 o clock main top sail sheet parted – and all hands were called to furl it.

Saturday March 21st

The Gale continues – with light squalls of snow – fore and main [Spencers?] are all the sails we have set. Weather very cold. Ship heading N.N-E   Lat-38 N by obs

Sunday [Monday crossed out] March 22nd

The weather moderate made sail at 6 o clock A-M heading N-N-E under [doub?][le?] topsails. Squalls of snow through the day. In the afternoon saw 2 whales Imployed repairing sails. Weather cold.  Lat. at Noon by obs. – [34 – 16N?]

Monday. March 23

We have good weather with a very light breeze from N-N-W heading N-E. The fore top sail on deck repairing shortened sail at [sun set ?]. Fine weather through the Night with a light breeze at W x S-W

Tuesday March 24th 

This day we have very fine weather with a light breeze from West. Steered N-N-W. Afternoon bent the fore top sail & unbent the main at 5 PM – bent it again – also- imployed repairing the rudder – which was found to be [lame?] at [ sun set ?] shortened sail-

Wednesday March 25th

Saw four large whales and chased them and [ran?] over them with the ship. Fine weather. [Lat-3 ?]


March 26-31

Thursday March 26th 1846

The past night we had a strong breeze at S.S.E. wind. clear weather. made sail at 8 o’clock A M & Steered NW With a Strong breeze at S- and thick and rainey in the afternoon. Shortened sail at half past five PM. & hove too. under clost reefed Main top sail heading SW – At 8 o clock the wind shifts to NW – and in course of the night to N

Friday March 27th

Made sail at 7 A M and steered W N-W with a strong breeze from the N and cold.  Afternoon calm. Shortened sail at 5 P M

Saturday March 28th

Made all sail at 6 o clock A-M and steered W-N-W with a light breeze from S-E & rain.  Afternoon – shifts suddenly to N-W and blows strong – shortened sail at 1-o-clock – at 6 P-M- wind at -N ship heading W-N-W During the Night the wind hauls to about W and blows strong

Sunday March 29th

This day we have a strong breeze from W and clear and cold – made no sail Ship heading S S-W – clost reefed main top sail and fore spencer [spinnaker?] – continues blowing through the Night with Snow & Hail

Monday March 30th

The weather continues cloudy with squalls of Hail and Snow- otherwise clear and moderately cold -. The Ship is laying too under clost-reefed main top sail and fore Spencer – All hands Imployed at Idleness. Blows Strong through the Night

Tuesday March 31st

Moderates. Made sail at 2 P-M [missing]


April 1-4

Wednesday April 1st (D?) 1846

Made all sail at half past five and steered WN-W. with a light breeze at south Afternoon Strong wholesale  breeze at S-E steered NW Shortened sail at half past six PM and Reun under a (closer?) reefed main top sial Steering NW- This day good weather but No whales- but (fin? sun?) (back?) Lat 35° 20’ North Blows a gale untill 12 at night   Long. 148°37’

Thursday April 2 (AD?) 1846

Made all sail at half past five AM. with a [unknown?] light winds and heavy swell and thick Fogg. The wind shifts to N at (a number?) o clock and a moderate breeze. Shortened sail at 1-o-clock continues foggy until 4- o clock. PM clears up to night we are in very dark coulered water at sun set. Good. clear. Weather moderate breeze at - N Ship heading W-N-W under (clast? last?) reefed main topsail + foresail + (Mencers?) fore top stay sail- Pleasant through the Night and very cold - - - 

Friday April 3 (A on top of D?) 1846

Made all sail at (15?) ½ o clock AM with a light breeze at N and cold and a plenty of frost Sea smooth- Remained fine weather through the day. Saw and chased Whales three times Very shy. Got nothing. At sun set clear + calm Ship under double reefed top sails (4?) (coursed?) heading N-N-W        }  Lat at Noon by (obs?) 39° 55 N Night continues calm   Long- by distance at 2 PM 145° 27

Saturday April 4th

Made all sail at 5 ½ o clock. AM with calm weather through the say a very light air from the Southward. Saw one Whale in the forenoon and chased him 4 hours. + gave him up. In the Afternoon saw several more chased them 3 hours. Could not get hold of them. At sun set whales a plenty in all directions and some near the ship. Shortened sail with light air


April 5- April 9

Sunday April 5th AD 1846

Made all sail at day light ─ with a light  breeze to the SSW at sun rise. Wore ship and steered S by [E] at half past 9 o clock Am I saw Whales. At  10 o clock lowered our  boats and struck two. Bow boat got stoved and capsized  ─ Saved one Whale and cut him in by 1 am Olney Hurt to day

Lat by obsv  ─ ?9°59’

Long by Chron 46 52’

Monday April 6th

This day blows strong from N-E with  thick fogg and rain. Could not boil. Ships hove too heading to the N & E.

Tuesday April 7th

This day foggy and a moderate breeze at the  S & W Ships heading to the West. Commenced to boil this morning gray but little rain today. When my boat got turned over by the Whale on Sunday I got hurt in my neck & head. I am better.

Wednesday April 8th

Today we have light air and variable with thick fogg and calm etc. etc. Continued Boiling. Steering to the Westward ─ I am nearly recovered from my Hurt. At night clears off with a light breeze at N. Steered W-NW.

Thursday April 9th

This day we have fine weather with light breeze at N─ Steering to the N & W and N & E. Saw two whales at 9 0 clock  AM and chased them.. Imployed stowing down oil ─ Afternoon saw as many as 20 Whales and struck one. Three Boats and all got loose and the Whale got away from them. At sun set weather fine ─ Whales a plenty heading N-E. Lat at noon 39 43. Long.


April 14-17

Tuesday April 14th AD 1846

Made all sail at – day light with a light breeze at N-E. [cruised] to the S-E hove too  Whales going [quickly]to the N + E [cruise] tacked Ship + steered N-N-E  +  N-E. Afternoon light air and calm. -Sent  [  ] the fore [top] [GalA Zord]-- + [Sail] Shortened sail at [8 am ] [det.] Night light weather

Wednesday April 15th

Morning thick fogg. Made sail at [7 ½] o clock A-M and steered E-N-E with a light breeze at S-W At Noon. light [wind] for an hour. then foggy. through the day. At Sun Set Shortened Sail. Saw no Whales. this day Hen. Holt Sick and Below all day continues light weather through the Night heared Whales. blowing several times in the Night

Thursday April 16th

In the morning light breeze with a little rain Made all sail at [  ]  [  ]  -- heading NNE [  ] E – Saw a Whale. lowered. three Boats chased one hour + gave him [  ]  Come on board + got – Breakfast. Saw another Whale and chased 2 hours. Waist Boat -  got – on – and-mised the Whale. At Noon – blows strong whole sail breeze—and rains hard. At 2 PM saw another Whale—lowered—and struck the Waist Boat – held on one hour and a half and cut the [  ]  [   ]  come on Board and shortened sail – breeze – moderate and some rain. In the Night wind shifts to N. and blows strong

Friday April 17th

Strong breeze – at N. Made Sail at 10 A. M. and headed to the Eastward at 2 P.M. saw and chased a Whale. Going quick to the N [  ] Imployed cleaning Bone. Hen Holt on duty to day Shortened Sail at Sun Set  Lat. 40”14’N at noon          Long. 146-06 at 2 PM


April 18-22

Saturday April 18 AD 1846

Made all sail at day light with fine light weather and smooth sea. with a light breeze. At E-N-E steered [S-E] at 9 A-M Saw a Whale going quickly to windward. Did not lower for him. at 10 o clock [wore] and steered –N—Afternoon wind [hauls] to E headed NN-E saw a spout—at Sun Set – Shortened Sail. Lat at Noon. 40  02”  Long. 146  ‘40’ E Night good. weather wind shifts to S-E—

Sunday April 19th

Made sail at day light. With a moderate breeze at S-E steered E-N-E [    ] of  at 7 o clock to N-E at 9 o-clock to N- breeze increased to a moderate gale – with rain – at 2 o clock P-M shortened sail and hove too heading E [water] green. Continued Stormy all night

Monday April 20

Weather moderate with the wind at N – sea rough At 9 AM saw a Whale and lowered no success. At Noon lowered for two more “gallied” them – At half past- 4 PM lowered for two more. Struck one—Line parted—weather fine and calm – shortened sail at Sun Set – Lat – 41  44’ Long 147  49 S

Tuesday April 21st

Made all sail at day light – AM – with a light breeze at E-S-E heading N-N-E saw one whale going quick to the S x E – did not lower for him. At noon - blows strong and rains- at 2 P. M. Shortened Sail – at Sun Set calm and Foggy.  At 8 o clock – wind out at W-N-W strong ship headwind NNE – 

Wednesday April 22nd

Made sail at 5 o clock AM wind light at N – W and sea smooth – steered E-N-E at 7 A.M. set in thick fogg. Noon wind at S-W fresh breeze – At 4 PM took in sail. Thick fogg. Wind at S – Ship heading S-S-E. Night blows strong


April 23-25

Thursday April 23  A 1846

At day light quite good weather – made all sail steered ENE with a moderate breeze at SW. At 6 a.m. saw whales – lowered two boats – wind increasing - called two boats a long side and took in sail at 7 o’clock. At 8 o’clock saw a ship to the NxE – Blows a moderate gale all day. Lat at Noon 42 deg 40 s Long 149. At night moderated down to fine weather.

                                                                   Friday April 24th

Made all sail at day light with fine light weather. A ship in sight to the SxE. Cruised NW – NE and S-E.  Saw several whales. Chased one at 9 AM to 11 AM. Going fast to the N and E. Afternoon ran over one with the ship. At 5 o’clock struck a whale. Held on until sunset. (Iron)  drawed – come on board and took in sail. Breeze light at S-W. Sea smooth – continues through the night. Good weather.

                                                                 Saturday April 25th

Made all sail at day light with good weather breeze light at SW – Whales in sight – Lowered two boats at sunrise – could not come up to the whale. Steered E-N-E one hour then N-N-W chased another whale one hour. Could not get up with him –steered N-N-W – Saw several whales going N-E. Lowered and chased two hours. Lost sight of them – strong breeze and (engged) and hazey. Steered E-N-E at one o’clock - Saw a ship – 4 miles of N-N-E at half past - (I) hauled a back for to speak her. She passed under our lee out of hail – when we made out to be the Barqe Prudence of Stonington – The wind increasing to a gale – at 2 PM took in sail and lay too heading W. Saw another whale clost to the ship going N-E. The Prudence was under clost sail heading S-E. During the night moderated.


April 26-30

Sunday April 26th 1846

In the morning light wind and thick fogg heavy squall from S-W. Afternoon wind shifts to E with rain. Made No Sail today at Noon [unclear] [unclear] – and [unclear] too heading N-N-E. Saw no Whales this day – at Night [unclear] the wind from S-E and strong and heavy rain with a [unclear] [unclear] Sea.

Monday April 27th

Wind Shifts from S-E to N-W with thick fogg in the [unclear]. Afternoon clears up a little – [unclear] [unclear] sea [unclear] ship. Headed N-N-S wind moderate at N-W and Cold and remains so through the night.

Tuesday April 28th

At day light in the morning weather moderate breeze light at N – Made Sail heading to [unclear] – wind shifts to N-S and increased to a Strong Gale. At Noon commenced to snow – took in sail at 8 o clock A M. At Sun Set [unclear] have a heavy snow storm gale moderate from N-S. Snowing the fore part of the night – latter part moderates.

Wednesday April 29th

The storm has abated with strong breeze from N at 10 o clock A M. Made Sail – our rigging heavily coated with Ice. At Noon Saw Whales Afternoon – chased twice – no success. At Sun Set calm. Whales still in sight. Lat – 43-54 N a heavy [unclear] squall from N-S. Long 150-44S Continues moderate through the night wind shifts to South.

Thursday April 30th and Last

At day light [unclear] the wind light at South [unclear]. Made Sail in thick Snow Storm – steered W-S-W [unclear] [unclear] at [unclear] A M [unclear] to Snow and wind more [unclear] – Shortened Sail & [unclear] too heading S wind S-S-E. Afternoon some rain & thick fogg. At Sun Set nearly calm [unclear] heading S-S-E.


May 5-8

Tuesday May 5th A.D. 1846 

Made all sail at day light south fine (northeast er) ... and a moderate breeze from (SW at 7 AM tack ship. and. Steered to the [N and Wand W.N.WI through the day. Saw but one WHALE at sun set. Shortened sail - with a strong breeze at south wore ship. And lay too heading (ESE) Blows strong through LAT at noon 43° LONG (150) The night from South 

Wednesday May 6th 

Today as we expected - we have a gale of wind and rain from South. Lay too heading (ESE) - set the foresail at 9 o clock AM and took it in at noon The gale continued with heavy rain until midnight Ship heading WSW after 6 o clock PM 

Thursday May 7th 

Morning moderate after the blow-made all. sail at sun rise and Cruised to the (Eastward] with a light breeze from the west by NW AT 1 PM lowered our boats for two whales. Could not get near them - saw another at 4 PM going quick to the Northward-took in sail the ship rolling very heavy. Breeze light at south - Night pleasant Lat at Noon 44° and calm 

Long at [20°W 152-05] 

Friday May 8th 

At Sun rise clear and a light breeze but increasing. Made sail - in about one hour [?] [?] in a heavy thick fogg ... took in sail - with a strong breeze at SSW - afternoon clear off made sail at [1 or 2?) o clock and steered NE at half past 2 PM -Saw a ship to the east at 4 [?] the Ship Addison N-B 4 months out - 160 bbbs Sperm had not seen and Whight Whales - got some papers as late as Oct 1845 shut in a thick fogg and [?] shortened sail as soon as capt WEBSTER returned on board weather light but foggy through the night 


May 14-18

Thursday May 14th 1846

At day light strong breeze at NW and very cold. made sail and steered East.  at 8 o’clock hauled up south.  Breeze moderate made all sail at 10 o’clock.  Steering S SW.  at 2 pm saw whales. At 4 struck one. Killed him and he sank.  At sun set  took in sail.  Quite good weather and continues through the night Lat 44.4 S    Long- in 156.45

Friday May 15th

At day light calm – at 6 o’clock a light breeze at ENE with a light flight of snow.  Saw whales 6 miles off to the N + W at 8 o’clock close to them. Lowered for them and callied them - chased three times to day.  Afternoon strong breeze at ESE + _________ + cold + ____________. at 2 PM took in sail heading to the south ward.  Strong gale through the night.

Saturday May 16th

At 5 o’clock AM took in the fore sail and close reefed the mail top sail.  With a strong gale at E-S + continues through the day.  Afternoon shifts to SW with fog.  Blows a strong gale at night.

Sunday May 17th

At day light good weather.  Breeze light at SW.  At 3 o’clock am a ship passed within a half mile of us heading to the westward under short sail.  Made all sail + steered N – most of the day calm.  After 2 PM a light breeze at S – Steered NNW.  At sun set took in sail – with early (?) appearance of a storm tomorrow.  Lat at noon 44.2 S    Long 151.18?

Monday May 18th

Made sail at day light north on moderate breeze at East and steered N by E. at 6 o’clock saw a whale.  Lowered the boats but came in thick and lost sight of him – steered S by W until 10 am then foggy.  Took in sail at half past 2 PM made sail + steered N-W at 4 took in sail thick fog.


May 27-31

Wednesday, May 27th 1846

All this day thick fogg and a light breeze at S-W. made no sail today. night about the same.

Thursday May 28th

At day light foggy with breeze light at WSW. At 9 A.M. lights up a little. Made sail heading S. Saw several hump + fin Backs at 7 PM. Saw three Whales going quick to the North[unclear] lowered and [unclear] them but could not come up with them – fresh breeze + squalls of fogg all night. at Sun Set took in Sail

Lat. 46º 00º Long. 156º [35º or 25º]

Friday May 29th

At day light foggy. clears off at 5 o clock. made sail with a strong breeze at N-W. Steered WSW + S-W. Saw nothing to day but fin Backs. the day [ends or ended] with fine weather and a steady light breeze at N – Lat. at noon 44-53. Long. 155-30 At Sun Set took in Sail. The night quite pleasant.

 Saturday May 30th

Made all-sail at day light. with a light air at N-N-W. Steered W. Saw a Whale at 9 A.M. Lowered all the Boats in 20 minutes the Laarboard [sic] Boat struck. The capt. got his boat stove + soon filled. the crew got into the bow Boat. the other two boats had killed the whale by this time – and he soon turned up. got him along side at noon. comcd cutting at 1 P.M. With fine light weather – finished cutting at 7 P.M. Saw other Whales this after noon + chased them. comcd boilling at 9 P.M. continues mild weather through the night. Lat 44 [unclear ] Long 154-38 at noon 

Sunday May 31st

Made sail at day light heading N. wind moderate at ENE headed S-E at 6 A.M. come onto blow. took in sail at 9 A.M. saw Whales going N-E Saw-a-ship


June 11-15

Thursday June 11th [unclear] 1846

Foggy until l 2—o clock P-M- lights up -- made all sail & steered S-E.  Saw 4 whales and lowered [unclear] clost to one. Gallied - come in thick fogg.  at half past 6-o clock boats come on board.  breeze strong – at half past 7 - took in sail.-  have a heavy swell from the S-S-E.  Capt D and [unclear] had a [unclear] this morning again -  about my Humble self.  Foggy through the night

Friday June 12(blot)

Thick fogg all day with a light breeze at S-S-W-.  light up a little at 3 P-M and we made sail - Steered N-W -- wind [cross out] S-W took in sail at sun set -  with clear weather and headed S.  Saw no whales -

Saturday June 13th

At day light clear.  Made all sail.  Saw a whale clost by.  lowered two boats – and gallied  him—Foggy for two hours.  At ten o clock saw more whales and chased the remainder of the day --  breeze very light towards night calm.  saw as many as 12 whales but could not get near them.  very [unclear]. -  at dark, two within a half mile of the Ship.  calm & clear.  took in sail.

Lat - at noon – 44 28’

Long. 154 5’7’

Sunday June 14th

This day we have a thick fogg.  At 5 A-M saw two whales near the Ship.  At 7 made sail.  At 2 P-M took in sail – at 4 – made sail again - at 7 P-M took in sail --  breeze light at E-N-E.   cruised S-E and N – to day have a roast Pig for dinner.

Monday, June 15th

Made sail at 6 A-M.  Fogg most of the day.  Saw No Whales.  Steered S-W /   Lat at noon-44.3[unclear]
in the afternoon. /    Long - - 155 2 3


June 16-30

Tuesday June 16th AD 1846

At 12 o-clock last night in a thick fogg came nigh running afoul of the Ship Addison of N-Bedford.  Kiled one Whale -  to day thick fogg.  At 10 AM made all sail and steered N-& N-NE until sun set - took in top [ga l] sails and main sail - steering N-N-E with a light steady breeze at SE Later part of the night clear weather   Steered N-E by N

                    Wednsday June 17th

made all sail at 4 AM with fine clear weather. saw a whale at sun rise - 4 1/2 o clock  Lowered but did not get him Lowered again at 8 A-M  [Rid] not a Whale - Lowered again at noon but got nothing - cruised to the N-&E. Saw other Whales - breeze. light - Afternoon - Thick fogg - At sun set Shortened sail - wind E East - Lat 45 28 Long 155 05

                 Thursday June 18th

Have fine light pleasant weather and a little fogg before 9 AM - breeze light at S-E saw a ship to the Northward - No Whales seen to day. - Lat at noon 46 - 20 Long 155 54E carried all sail through the night steering ENE with a light air from S-E and fine weather-

                  Friday June 19th

Light air and calm steering E-N-E - saw two Ships one to the Northward 15 miles and the other to the Eastward 12 - miles Saw no Whales. Shot some Ducks Lat [ty] [obr ?]  46°-49’ night fine light weather. Long by [cum]156 - 43E

                      Saturday June 20 th

Fine weather with a light breeze at  S-S-E at 7 AM Lowered and Struck two Whales. and parted from one and drawed from the other saw & chased two more in the afternoon Spoke Ship Montazuma 6 Whales Lat at noon 49 - 09


June 21-24

Sunday June 21st 1846

Had a fresh breeze through the night – from S-S-E & steered S in company with the Montezuma  Come in thick at 3-A.M. and lost sight of her.  Thick all this day -   At noon, wore ship and steered S-S-W.  At 1 P.M. saw the Montezuma to Leeward 3 miles.  Ion (unclear) off and Capt. Baker come on board – and stayed until 8 P.M.   Capt. B. is sick with the Rheumatism.  has been for six weeks.  This is the first of his being out.  Heared from the India with 7 whales 6 weeks ago.  At 8 P.M. parted company.  The Montezuma going to the E-N-E and we to the South.   Wind light at E-S-E and a thick fogg.  Remaind thick most of the night.  At sun set  Shortened sail and lay too (sic) under foresail & double reef main topsail.

Monday June 22nd

Have a strong breeze from E-N-E with rain at noon.  Saw several Whales.  At 6 P.M exchanged coulers (sic) with a French Barque heading N-N-W.   Blows Strong with rain through the night - 

Tuesday June 23d

Have a strong breeze from N-E. With rain in the fore-noon.  heading N-W  made some sail.  Continues to moderate.  Saw fin backs in plenty but no Wright (sic) Whales.  At sun set took in sail.  Heading W-N-W  weather light through the night   breeze light at N with fogg.

Wednesday June 24th

Made sail at 4 A-M with a light breeze at N.  Steered E-N-E.  Saw plenty of fin backs at noon.  Saw two shipps (sic).   Afternoon steered south.  Saw 1 Whale.  Lowered three Boats.  Capt Destin (unclear) struck & got stove Bad. Killed the Whale & it sunk - . At sun set took in sail.  Weather foggy.    Wind light.  4 ships in sight.  Lat at noon  4’ 7- 28  Long 11-9-59-


June 25-28

Thursday, June 25th DA [overlayed] 1845 [sic]

Calm & foggy until [sic] 10 A.M.  Light breeze made sail headed N.W. – saw –[?4] Ships? . At – 1 am set [unclear].  Ship [insert] & . South . at – 2 [unclear] M Sally Anne tune N – [unclear] . 2 Whales- &- Barque Prudent . Stonington 7 Whale . Calm – Capt D on Board of – the S – A -  &. capt - Brewster – Saw no Whales – this day – Night fogg [sic] . and . calm -

Friday June 26th

Fine weather in the morning made all sail at day light & steered to the N&.W. The S and Anne & Barque in . sight . to the – N.  Afternoon “gamed north the Sally Anne.  Some fogg . . wind light” at – W - & - S - & S – E . at night fogg – saw nothing but fin Backs to day.

Saturday, June 27th

At day light made. all . Sail and headed to the Northward – with a good breeze at E saw. the Sally Anne headed . to the Southward At 7[?] ½ A-M shut in thick fogg . Steered W  N – W.  At ten A-M took in – sail – and laz too untill 8 ½ [unclear]-M clears off – Made all Sail and – Steered N-W.  At – ‘7 ½ [?] M passed a ship two miles off – Boilling [six]- exchanged caulers [?]. At sun set - reefed. top sails and headed. N-E-by-N. with the other ship on our weather beam 3 – miles off – saw. nothing this day but Fin Backs - -  steered to the At night . under – double reefed . top sails & foresail with the other ship to windward. –

Sunday, June 28th

At 3 ½ o’clock . A . M made all . sail. Steering N – with a good breeze at E-N-E & . clear weather with the Ship [unclear] last evening of – our . lee bow 3 miles off – a boilline jet[?] – saw – several – fin back had - some fogg. -   At – 1 - P M saw 8 or ten Whales at – 2 – P – M the wist[?] Boat struck one. – Killed him and . got him along side at 3 ½ clock commenced.  cutting – gat [sic] - the throat & [unclear] [unclear] – Fin - chain [unclear] & [nee?] Vanached [sic] of & took in sail with thick fogg.


June 29-July 3

Monday June. 29th

Fine weather. with a light breeze at E N.E. --  did not . begin to cut the Whale untill [sic] 10 AM – and. finished at . 6 P- M. and lowered -for-another Whale. At night calm – carried sail heading to the Eastward - had Whales. Around. us –

Tuesday . June 30th

All. the forenoon. calm – with several Whales clost. to the Ship.  Could. not lower for them on account of. Fogg [sic]. – At. Noon. clears off-- a little –Whales. Out. Of- sight. Stowed down in the [unclear Erin?] – the Whales. were scared. away by the noise – made in coopering on board of the Ship -commenced boilling [sic] at 7 o clock yesterday  Morning – strong breeze- at- night + thick fogg [sic]. From. W-S-W.

Wednesday July [overwritten on June] 1.st-- 1846

At . 5A-M. clears. off - +. we have a fine day with a good Whole sail. breeze. from West – cruised North and – South. and. saw- any quantity of Whales - – but few Wright Whales Lowered two times - + - the Lorboard [?] quarter Boat gallied the Whales. both times - by careless ness - - finished boilling [sic] at 12 PM - or night  + turned about- 160- bbls -

Thursday. July. 2nd --

Have a fine day.  With a light breeze . N – N -W cruised to the S - + W+ N + E  Saw several Whales.  Lowered. four times + struck [?] 3 Whales and saved one - Stowed down.  60 bbls - in the after hatch -  Yesterday finished stowing the [unclear] 50 bbls. – At night foggy [sic]-  + Wind light - Whale along side. – 111 [?] Lat 483 [?] Long 157 S 8 [degrees?]

Friday July 3d [superscript squiggle] --

Comed cutting at Six AM - + finished at – 11- A-M comed strong breeze - S S-W + clears. off – At - noon saw 4 Whales + chased them. Comed boilling [sic] – cruised W Saw - 2 whales + chased them at 5 PM- Night Blows a – gale.  --


July 14-17

Tuesday July 14th [unclear] 1846

In the morning have - a- light whole sail breeze at E S E and increasing with rain at 6 A-M saw a whale and chased him going quick to windward. At 7 chased two more going quick to windward – breeze increased with much rain steered W N W until 8 AM . At 9 AM took in sails – At 4 PM have the wind N-E & moderate Saw 1 whale this afternoon. Ship heading N-N-W. Night clear & pleasant and but a light breeze at N-W-           

               Wednsday(sic) July 15th

commences a strong breeze at 3 AM at 8 blows a gale commed(sic) boiling the blubber cut in on Saturday last - boilled 4 hours and gained nothing & at 11 comed (sic) throwing of it overboard & finished at 2 PM. Made sail at 6 AM and took it in at 8 AM moderates again at 2 PM made sail steering NNE at 5 PM Lowered for two Whales [unclear] them & came on board at 6 PM got supper an down again capt Destin struck at half past 6 at [9?] had him fluked along side of the Ship very Large took in sail weather quite mild    Lat at noon 48 - 08 Long 156 36

                Thursday July 16th

comed [sic] cutting at [unclear] AM with good pleasant weather did not finish until 3 PM Whale very large and not fat saw Whale at noon and Lowered for them going fast to windward At sun set steering North saw five Whales clost (sic) to the Ship Night fine light weather at 12 o clock head SSW

                 Friday July 17th

Have fine weather and a light breeze at SSW & --W saw plenty of Whales & struck one & cut from him Capt Destin



Blank page

Blank page


Blank page

Blank page


July 21-26

Tuesday. July 21st AD 1846

Made sail at . 4A-M with a moderate breeze at S-S-W—breeze. Increases .. with thick fogg and Rain. Saw. Two whales. and. Lowered for them No sucsess. Employed stowing down – closed Off – the fore hatch & . com cd [cd is underlined] (*possibly meaning commenced?) in the fore peak – Afternoon. blows. Strong – finished stowing at 5o Clock – P-M – 125[underlined] bbls[barrels] – At-6 oclock. Took in sail Cruised S-E - & W – moderate at – night with fogg

       Wednesday. July 22nd

Have. Good. Weather. With a light breeze. At W S-W- & W – saw-several. Whales. and. Chased. Two After noon fogg[y?] – cruised to the S&W – at 1am Sct-clear..&. calm. Quite light through the night With fogg—wind shifts to South – Employed Repairing. The boats – 

       Thursday July 24th

Made. Sail at- 6-A-M- fogg. Clears- off- saw. Several, Whales. going quick to the S.W. I- chased Two – once. Afternoon thick fogg. And. Some rain With a whole sail breeze. At- S-E-&-S- steered off to the N&-W- At 4P-M took in sail Employed. repairing the boats - &- setting w/pipes

        Friday. July. 24th

This day. Calm. [unknown] - &. Fogg [unknown]. Some rain – finished Repairing. The bow boat. Heared whales blow Not far. off-

        Saturday July 25th

The. Forenoon. Have. Rain & - fogg. & calm. -Heared Whales. blowing = afternoon came w/ - a strong Breeze – at N- saw whales in plenty – Lowered & - chased – twice [crossed out] 3times – very rough – sea – wind shifts To -N-W steeres N-N-S – strong breeze – took in Sail at 1am. 1[et? – uncelar]. Night blows. strong. Ship heading WS-W- -

        Sunday. July 26th

Blows. too strong to make sail fogg too all day Wind at N.W – saw some Whales. – Afternoon Clear. & dry. Painted the bow boat.


August 5-8

Wednesday August 5th 1846

This day have fine light pleasant weather (unclear word -  inn?) in within ten miles of the Land.  which we suppose to be Isleond near the coast of Komshatka and the straits going in to the Sea of Okotsk – breeze, light from N-E to S-E steered along to the N & - E  (unclear) many hump backs.  This Land is not very high but is almost covered with snow.  wind light and thick fogg through the night steered E-N-E Lat at morn 50 – 14 N [29 crossed out] 

Thursday Aug 6th

Have a moderate breeze at South & S-W with a thick fogg.  Steered E-N-E and N-E.  At 2 PM took in sail & headed to the S & E at 2 AM headed W-N-W  continues foggy through the night

Friday Aug 7th

Have thick fogg untill 8 o clock AM. clears off made sail & steered N-W with a strong breeze at S-W.  At 10 o clock saw the Land ahead. At half past ten Lowered the Boats and the mates boat got fast to a whale after an hour the whale took his Line.  Afternoon ran in to within ten miles of the Land - at 7 PM headed off Shore. breeze very light have the Land to the Eastward bearing N-N-E and to the westward bearing W-S-W, Mountains high & much Snow. Lat at morn 50°- 50°N 

Saturday aug 8th

In the morning off Shore 30 miles and have a Strong breeze at S-W.  Stood in for the Land.. at 8-o clock two Boats started for the Shore.  distant 10 miles – breeze light wore & stood off at noon stood in and the Boats come off – got nothing but wood.  the weather fine and pleasant steered N-E along the Land.  Lat at noon 51° – 20° Lat 52°- 09°- Sunday Aug 9th Ran along ten miles from the Land to the N & E breeze

[rest of page is unclear]


August 20-25

Thursday aug 20th  D 1846

This day fine weather and a light breeze.  saw several whales + lowered our Boats – (always excepting the Bow Boat) eight times but struck nothing   Several Ships in sight saw one Ship cutting at night.  Calm  off Kings Head in the morn ing.  At night 40 miles to the S + W  calm all night – continued boilling 

Friday aug 21st

Have a light breeze + some fogg from SW   Six or seven Ships – some boiling   Steered N-E  At Inn let spoke the ship Charles Henry of N London 1300 bbls 13 months out – saw but one Whale to day – Steered E-N-E untill 12 o clock at night then -N- with a 6 not breeze.

Saturday aug 22nd

Have a light breeze at S   steered N – saw one Whale at Inn let   Lowered for him   galled  calm all night – with light rain – course N-E   finished boilling at 8 A-M  turned up 135 [unclear].

Sunday aug 23rd

Calm all through the day – saw one Ship to the Westward   Steering to the N + E   Employed setting up pipes [S hooks?].   Night calm ---- distant from the Land 25 miles and off abreast of Mount Kronoskoi and Shepunshanos which are very High not less than 3 miles – with their summits covered with snow –

Monday aug 24th

Have fine light weather with light airs + calm   Employed – stowing down betwixt decks for the first time.  stowed 22 pipes of 6 bbls each Afternoon – have a light breeze at W steered E-S-E. Ship in sight to the S-W.   at night calm.

Tuesday aug 25th

Calm through the day.  at night have a fine breeze at W   steered N-E 6 hours.  at 1-A.M. falls calm.  a large Ship 4 miles to the westward.  Steering N-E


August 26-30

Wednesday August 26th 1846

Calm. from 1 A M untill – 2-P M A light breeze at S-W steered N-E- [illegible] off the South Head of the Bay. at sun set chased three whales and gallied them – two ships in sight steering N-E- latter part of the night Calm 25 miles from the Land-

Thursday aug. 27th 

Light air [illegible] and calm [illeg.] Lowered – in the morning for whales 5 miles from the Ship – which turned out to be fin Back Whales – repaired the Miz top sail – and cleaned a Head of bone. At 4 o clock Lowered for a Whale – Capt. D. struck - & we turned him up 3 miles from the Ship. – towed him to the Ship & got him fast at 10 o clock - & Headed off Shore – saw 3 Sail today – Latter part of the night hove a good breeze from the N – E

Friday aug 28th

At 4-A M all hands to get the whale in – got him along side – chain – ported – got him along side and comed [commenced] cutting at 8 A – M – breeze from N – E and a heavy squall. ran before the wind and cut Whale is a very large one  finished cutting at 7 P – M and comed [commenced] boiling heading E - N – E Wind N - & light- Saw two Ships to the S & W of us. Moderate breeze through the night-

Saturday aug 29th  

Strong breeze at N-&-N-NE- stood on towards the Land until noon - near the south head – of the Great Bay = our Whale is very fat – and makes oil fast – Employed boilling and setting up casks – saw two - Whales – too rough to lower for them – took in sail at 5’o aM [o’clock a.m.] –

Sunday aug 30th

Blows a Moderate Gale – with a heavy sea from N – Headed E N-E under clost reefed Main top sail & foresail – Employed boilling and setting up Casks. Have 23 – pipes filled --


September 11-13

Friday September 11th AD 1846

Light air and calm. I saw two whales and lowered twice. No success. This day at dinner time the chief mate and steward got in a quarrel and Capt. Destin commanded the mate to stop and he replied that he would be damned if he did – the Capt. then collared him and ordered him out of the cabin and told me to pass out his things from the cabin which I done. Capt D─ ordered him forward or he might live on deck. Holt swore he would go in the cabin ─ Capt D. also gave all hands orders not to obey him as an officer. At 5 PM Holt made acknowledgement to Capt Destin and he came into the cabin again and eats at the Captains table after being from it for 4 days ─ thus ends this flare up. I saw 4  ships today to the N&E & we cruised to the S&W at night shortened sail – nearly calm. The Ship Chas Henry to the Eastward of us 5 miles off – Calm through the night.

Saturday Sept 12th

Have a light breeze. Cruised to the westward. Saw two Right Whales & chased them – going to the Northward quickly – Lowered.  twice today  – Chas Henry in sight. At sun set shorten sail – distant from the land - 60 miles and calm . Holt is on duty again and all quiet – calm through the night.

Sunday Sept 13th

Light Breeze until noon – distant from the land 30 and 40 miles North of [Venga] Head saw a great many Hump Backs – but no Right Whales. Cruised to the Southward. Afternoon have a good breeze from SSW. The ship Chas Henry 20 miles to the S. of us – and saw another ship to the Southward of us [Emmy Lozed] repairing old sails. Weather fine & pleasant –


September 18-22

Friday Sept 18th A -1846

Steered N-W- with a - good- [whalesail?] breeze at- W-L-W- - Saw-nothing but- [Hump] + Fin Backs Saw the Land- at- 1-2 [unclear]-M bearing N-W- by N At 5 [unclear ]-M reefed. top sails–wind increasing From S-W. Whale-Ship is headed S-S-E- Lat at noon. of [unclear] 51°21’ Long by [unclear] 160-° 17’

Saturday Sept 19th

Have. a. Strong Gale. from. South. East reefed the top sails. at. 10 A-M steering W-S-W- At noon gale increases. with rain. [woke? ] +- headed S-S-S +- took in sail +- hose - too –At- 2 m set- moderates - and- the wind shifts to- N W + clears off-  at 2 A-M made - sail heading WSW

Sunday – Sept -20th

At- 2m rise- [unclear] a strong breeze. and blows all - day - that we can only carry [lost] reeled. top sails - - Saw a Ship. to windward- 15 miles also- Steering to the S + W wind- W-N-W  Lat-50-40

Monday. Sept 21st

At - 4 - A-M moderates made - sail - At -7- A-M- made all - sail - with fine light weather - steering S-W- with a – Ship off – our – larboard bow- - At – 3 – PM. [Spoke?] - - her Ship - [Cathelot?] - of Havre France with 1800 – [unclear] - - the capt - down - with a broken leg - - by the fin from Chain in cutting in a Whale about - two months since -  – At Night light and and - calm - Lat 49 -° - 14’ - long. 168° 30

Tuesday Sept 22n

We. have. calm. + a - very light air - in the afternoon from . East. Steered WSW . – the French – Ship [5?] miles off - - saw some fin Backs. Weather clear + - warm - At - night fine breeze - at SE – Steered WSW  Lat at noon. 48 - 40


September 14-17

Monday Sep 14th. A 1846

Strong breeze from S and. thick weather with [unclear] cruised W-S-W & E-S-E. one ship in sight to the N. I saw no - Whales - but Fin & Hump Backs & from 7 P.M. to 2 A.M. Blows a strong gale from S-S-E with [unclear]-at 7-o clock took in the foresail and last reefed the main top sail – At 1-o clock A-M lost the Waist Boat – at 3 A.M. moderates

Tuesday Sept 15th

At 6-o clock A-M made all sail – with a light breeze from N. – and a heavy sea from S. Steered S-S-W – At ten wind shifts to west and blows a strong breeze – Saw Kings Head at noon N-W 50 miles – At 2-o clock P-M headed in Shore NNW At [unclear] Let took in top [unclear] sails – [unclear] headed off shore. SS-W and reefed the top sails – Our gaft broke. At Sun Let carry sail to night and I stand a watch – Saw no Whales to day. And we are bound to the S&W the sea very rough - & breeze strong.

Wednesday Sep 16th

Moderates in the forenoon and we have fine weather – light breeze at W-N-W – passed a ship in the night heading to the N & W – saw another ship morning to the E heading to the S & W – from – 6-AM to 9-A-M headed to the N—after to the S&W continued light weather through the night – carried all-sail-Lat 51°- 36’ Long 160-E

Thursday Sept 17th

Fine weather – with a gentle breeze. At N-W steered WS-W saw plenty of fin Backs - - Got a new gaft [unclear] killed our last [unclear] one [unclear] on board and weighed dressed [unclear] – wind shifted to W-S-W headed N-W. Lat 50°-42’N


September 18-22

[Note: page 116 of the Journal is a repeat of the days recorded on page 112.]

Friday Sept 18th 1846

Steering N-W with a good [wholesail] breeze at [W   W]- Saw nothing but fin & [Hump] [Backs] – Saw the Land in the Afternoon bearing [N-W & N]. At [  ] [reefed] top sails & headed SSE wind increasing Lat at noon by [obbs] 51-21 – Long by [cronometer] at 2 PM- 160-17

Saturday Sept – 19th

Blows a strong gale from [S] [clost] [reefed] top sails - at 10 A-M heading heading W-S-W At noon – Increases - with rain- headed-[S-S-E] and lay too under storm sails At sun set moderates and wind shifts to NW & clears off At 2 o’clock A-M made sail heading WSW

Sunday Sept – 20th

At sun rise [comed/ abbrev for commenced?] a strong breeze – could only carry [clost reefed] top sails – saw a ship to the W heading to the [S&W] – [Lat 50-40]

Monday Sept 21st

At 4 o clock AM moderates – made [all] sail [head-ing] S-W – with fine light weather – with the [?] seen yesterday off our lee bow 10 miles off At [?] o clock PM come up with her & [spoke] [Cachalot] of [Habre] [France] 1800 [bbls] [9 whales] this season. Her Capt had his Leg broke by [   ] the fin chains breaking in cutting a whale Capt Destin went on board – [He] had been [down] with it 2 months – Light air [2] & calm through the night  [ Lat 49-14 – Long 158-30-]

Tuesday Sept 22nd

Afternoon springs up a light breeze at [E] - At sun set the [Chohalot] 15 miles astern saw a few fin [Backs] – Strong [wholesail] breeze at night - Steered WSW – breeze S-E at 12 – o clock - Lat at noon [48-40]


September 29-October 4

Tuesday, September 29th [unclear, AD perhaps?] 1846

At 4 A.M. commenced - a strong breeze at E-S-E   + rain (this was squeezed under 4 A.M.} At 6 under double reefed top sails at 10-pm Moderate with light breeze at -S-W-steered S-E At 2 PM fresh breeze -- under whole top sails 9 P-M. all sail + breeze, light at S-W course S-E by ?  [unclear—fold in document]

Wednsday (sic) Sept 30th

At 7 A-M-comed [sic] a strong breeze at- West course S-E by E continues all day. Employed repairing [unclear—dry, perhaps?] works + building a Smiths forge. Lat at noon by obs- 40 – 3[unclear] Long. by clom? cron?  [unclear— abbreviation for chronometer, perhaps?] 163-29-

Thursday October 1st  [unclear AD, perhaps?] 1846

Wind light at -N-E-since 2-AM.  Steered SE- by E under all sail.  At noon Some rain- At Sun Set really a calm—very light through the night. at E-S-E with some. Rain--headed N-E

Friday October 2nd

Have a fine whole sail breeze at N-E+ N with some rain.  Steered S-E by E and E-S-E after 2 o’clock PM--The weather being cloudy we have not gotten an observation these two days first-time breezes through the night

Saturday Oct 3rd

Light breeze all day at N + N-N-W and fine clear weather and warm- At 4 P-M. breezed-in squalls.  At 5 A-M strong squalls + rain at 6 double reefed top sails up to midnight

Sunday Oct 4th

At 4 A-M have all sail [sic] on the Ship with fine weather and a light breeze at N-N-W course E S E + S-E by E through the day-the same- Lat by obs 36”—22”  Long. by [unclear—chronometer, perhaps?]  169 49--


October 5-11

Monday October 5th A 1846

The forenoon.. breeze light at East  Ship heading S S E  Afternoon.. Sudden shifts of wind with rain and squalls..  At sun set..clear - and wind light at S-W + continues a good breeze. course E S-E. under all sail – one man down with the scurvy

Tuesday Oct 6th

Wind strong untill 8 o clock AM + light the remainder of the day from S-W + N-W + N + some rain – course E-S-E.. Strong breeze At night + rain - -- Lat by obs 33° 50’ Long. 172 – 55’E [com od?] wetting  the hold.

Wednesday Oct [6th] 7th

Weather very changeable - - + wind unsteady at N-E + N N-E – + East at sun set fore part of the night nearly calm – headed to the S + – E       Lat at noon- 32 – 14 – Long. 174-33-

Thursday Oct 8th

with fine pleasant weather and - a light breeze At S-W – steered E-S-E

Friday Oct 9th

Pleasant light weather and a light breeze At S-S-W- steered E-S-E – Lat at noon 30° – 08’ N     Long at 2.PM – 178° 38’ E

Saturday Oct 10th

Light pleasant weather with a light breeze From S-W- steering S-E by -E.  Employed fitting our Rigging – Put a new miz n stay + sent down the cutting geer – aloft (Length 12 ½ foot)  Lat noon 28- 48 Poseed the Maridian. E- Long at 2 PM 180 - 31 E Or otherwise 179 - 24 W

Sunday Oct 11th    Being in West

Longitude is [Monday] in time – Fine high Weather + a steady breeze at W + - WSW


October 11-16

Sunday October 11th AD1846

The weather fine and pleasant with a good breeze at SW and W. At 8 AM in a squall. The wind shifts suddenly to N with rain Course at S by E. Being in West longitude again I change the time and call today Sunday again Lat 25 13 N Long by observed Dist of the sun & moon at 9½ AM ─ 174-05 West. By Cromter at 2 PM 174-37 West.

Monday Oct 12th

The weather thick & [rainy] with a fine breeze at N steering SE by E under all sail at night [unclear]  ─  No observation this day.

Tuesday Oct 13th

Good weather & a fresh breeze at NNE carried topsail studding sail at nigh wind backed to the Eastward. Lat by obvs at noon 21 09 Long by Crom at 2 PM 170 05 West  ─  

Wednesday Oct 14th

This day breeze unsteady from NNE to E with squalls of rain swept by the wind to the E & S. Night much the same.

Thursday Oct 15th 

In the morning strong squalls of wind & heavy rain with thunder & lightning  ─  The afternoon clear and pleasant with a light breeze at East Ship heading SSE Bent a new foretop gallant Lat at noon 18⁰ 47 Long by Cromtr  164, 34

Friday Oct 16th 

Weather good and breeze moderate and steady at ENE & E  steered at SE and SSE


October 17-23

Saturday  October 17th AD1846

Good weather and a steady moderate breeze variable from NE to E steering SE & SSE

Sunday Oct 18th

Fine light weather with a light breeze at ENE variable to ESE Lat 18 34.

Monday Oct 19th

Pleasant weather and a light breeze at E Course made South. Lat 11⁰ 58 Long 166 34. Employed at repairing sails and rigging & the Smith has his gorge at work- the Cooper is also at his business and the Carpenter has a job & the Capt is a [unclear] showing that all branches of business flourish at this time.

Tuesday Oct 20th

The weather squally with much rain with the wind variable from ENE to SE at night breeze steady at E.  Lat at noon 9 18 N Long 168 02

Wednesday Oct 21st

Fine weather and a steady breeze at ESE Ship under all sail heading SE Lat 9 20 N  Long 168 02 W

Thursday Oct 22nd

Weather – Squalls with rain Wind variable from NE to SE at 6 AM headed to the ENE with the wind at SE – from 8 to ll AM strong squalls of wind and rain  – doubled reefed the top sails – at 12- headed  Southd.

Friday Oct 23rd

Squally most of the day with heavy rain from ESE at 2 PM headed S by E. At night clear weather and breeze steady at East.


[October 24]-October 30

Fine weather – with a 6 not breeze at E by N  Saw a Ship to the windward.  Steering to the N + W  finished coopering at noon  Lat - 02°-15’ SFine clear weather with a fresh breeze at E by S -  steering by the wind S by E Lat at noon by [obvs] - 06°.35’ N Long. at 2 PM by cro [mtr] 166°.02’ W

Sunday Oct 25th

Fine weather with a steady breeze at ES[?]  Steered S - Lat at 2 PM 4-40 Long 166.05  Employed repairing Sails tc tc –

Monday Oct 26th

Fine weather - with a Steady breeze at ESE  Steered South.  Lat at noon 02.54 N  Employed at Sundry jobs

Tuesday Oct 27th

Light pleasant weather + a light breeze at E.  Steered SSE - At 5 PM had a [?] with Hen. Holt and the capt [Interposed] his authority And they had some words and Holt has gone off duty with his own accord - - The cause of the [?] with me was his attempting to take work out of my hands.-

Wednsday Oct 28th 

Light weather + light breeze at ENE  Steering SE  - Employed coopering the oil between decks – Lat at noon – [00.0,3] N – Long. 168-12 W

Thursday Oct 29th

Fine light weather with a light breeze at N-E  Steering ESE – Employed coopering oil Lat at noon by [obvs] 00°55’ S


November 7-9

Saturday Nov 7th  [unclear] 1846

Breeze light at ESE   Sailing along to the Southward of the Land –  At - 10 - AM Saw the Isloand [sic; letter "o" crossed out] of Totooillah [sic; in Nov. 8 entry he spells it "Tootooillah"]  distant 25 miles – Saw two Ships to the N -   At Sun Set Shortened Sail + luffed too   headings SSE – The land distant 12 miles – bareing [sic; bearing] W + WSW – The Ship Java within Hail of us.        Hott of Duty get –

Sunday Nov 8th

Weather fine and light –  breeze Strong from S-E    at day light 10 miles N-E from the N-E point of Tootooillah [sic]   Kept off –  at 7 AM took a Pilot –  at 9 Entered the Harbour in Tougpugo Bay and anchored –  The Java come in clost after us and let her anchor go near - our - Stern - and - run afoul of us and  - Stove our Starboard Boat and otherwise injured us.  - It is ten years and two months - since I was in this Harbour in the Barque North America Capt. Richards –   Then all was Lewdness + Heathenism - now things are different  –  The women are chaste + virtuous — and the men are Honest + Friendly –   The missionaries have done wonders –  In so Short a time —   Mr + Mrs Murry [sic] are Scotch - and are Prisbyterians [sic] – the [sic; they] arrived here in May 1836 – and have Laboured here ever since - that time -  the Natives were then - Savages – – Now they are Christians and can rejoice in the Same –  After anchoring we cleared the Ship – and made ready to cooper - our Oil again –   at night have rain.

Monday, Nov 9th

At 7 AM - turned up the Crew to Break out the cargo to cooper –  And they refused to do it before haveing [sic] Liberty  –   during the day much rain -  one watch - go on Shore – got of Some jams + Bread fruit + Tarrow [taro] – +c. [etc.] +c –


November 10-16

Tuesday Nov 10th [unclear] 1846 ["4" in "1846" written over]

Continues heavy rain – + bad - weather –  one watch on Shore – Have bot [sic] a Small pittance of refreshments - except - what each one purchases himself –  Salt Beef + Pork -  Bread + warm water

Wednsday [sic] Nov 11th

Continues rainey [sic]    the Watch  one [sic] -  Shore and myself -   Afternoon weather fine + dry –

Thursday Nov 12th

The weather dry + clear - Starboard watch on Shore -  got of one Load of wood -

Friday Nov 13th

The weather dry + fine    Employed [sic, "E", not "I"] in getting of wood -  got of [unclear] boat Loads -  The Capt bought 2 Small Pigs + lost them at night—    

Saturday Nov. 14th

[No entry other than the date]

Sunday Nov. 15th

This is Sunday here - have a fine day exceptting [sic] two or three ["three" is smudged] - light Showers    At noon I go on Shore to meeting + - Mr Murry the Missionary preached to us    We were about 20 from the 3 Ships  Includeing [sic] 4 belonging on Shore  —  After meeting I go over the Mountain to _ungasar [1st letter written over and unclear] + had a tedious walk about 3 miles each way  — return at Sun Set —

Monday Nov 16th

At day light get our Anchor + drop down the Harbour + get two more boat loads of wood –  At noon get under weigh + put to Sea with a light breeze   At Sun Set - Steered S by E –  The Barge Bazord - Sailed this morning. The Java remains at Anchor —


November 22-29

Sunday November 22nd 1846

Since Monday the 16th we have had a steady strong breeze from the S-E & SS-E. Steering [unclear] too one night for land – Saw none. – At Sun Rise this day saw the island of [unclear] - & - Tonghatabooa. [unclear] to the west side of it – and – capt Destin went on shore – But could not get any thing because it is Sunday – they – are – better obserbers of the Holy day than we are – capt D returned at 5 o-clock – after two hours absence - & run - off S-W by W – We Left the Navigators with two Pigs and about one bushel – of - [unclear] & [unclear]. 4 or 5 bunches – of – bannanas – This is our - [unclear] – to day we have eat the last Pig – and – we go on to the old diet salt meat and hard Bread day after day morning noon and night with warm water sweetened with molasses. We are bound direct to Sidney – New South Wales. I believe - [unclear] is get off – duty.

Lat – of - [unclear]. 21-24.00    Long 174- 45 West.

Sunday. Nov-29th

We have had strong breezes  - since Sunday the 22nd and have made a good run – The wind has been about S-E – and good weather – course from S by W – to S W by W – Saturday [unclear] to the west & in sight of Norfolk Isleand in Lat 29 0  -02 and Long 168 10   To day we have the wind light at ES-E course S by W & SS-W – employed through the week. Repairing a Boat & Sails & [unclear] rigging altho – braking out the bone [unclear]  - intending to bunch the bone.. [unclear]  off duty [unclear] to this day




December 10-14

Thursday Dec 10th AD 1846

Employed in cleaning the outside of the Ship. 

Friday Dec 11th

Employed Painting Ship—and we have a plenty of fie Beef + Mutton + vegetables The Ship Splendid of Cold Spring is a laying here with 2500 bbls of oil 31 months out-

Saturday Dec-12th

Employed – Painting- and one watch on Liberty – the weather is fine and dry Holt is [yet] off duty and has gone on shore to night Sunday Dec 13th This day I am on shore-for-the first time on Liberty—I attended devine Service at The Scotch Prysbyterian Church in the morning and in the afternoon at the Catholic  [ ] I made but a Short Stop—I spent some time in walking through the city—The day was windy and the dust flew enough to blind me—So far as I have seen of this city of Sidney I do not like It as well as I expected I should—from what I heared of It—I Think I See that old Monster Joe of ours even here among the English Prejudice  [will] Against couler—where ever you find the White man—

Monday Dec 14th

One watch on shore  - the other Employed getting water—Afternoon squally—got in 14 pipes of water


December 15-21

Tuesday Dec 15 1846 AD

Employed drying + cleaning Bone – one watch on-shore—

Wednesday Dec. 16th

Employed with the Bone – afternoon heavy squall of White rain + wind – Lorboard watch on Shore on Liberty –

Saturday Dec. 17th

Shiped three tuns of Bone – sold to Mess Compell + co – at [British pound money sign] 130  per tun—wve,ship 6830 pounds in 72 bundles—At 6 P.M.have a heavy squall of rain + wind from the South

Sunday Dec. 18th

The day clear + pleasant + cold – at evening –one watch on Shore. to day on Liberty –came in a Large Ship yesterday from New Zealand with 900 Souldiers    Likewise several Merchantmen Some from England  + Some from the coast

Monday. Dec. 19th

got on board 18 [herees] of beef and [3000] bbs of bread + cabin stores

Tuesday Dec. 20th

Employed clearing hause + making ready to haul out   five men misfing – Since Last night – 

Wednesday Dec 21st

At 6 A.M. took our anchors and hauled out into the stream – come on board three prisioners to be carried to the U. S – for-trial for setting fire to the Ship Canton Packet – Deserted this day James Thompson. Thomas Burch and Moses Burchell…the two first takeing one of the Ships Boats. Afternoon strong SE  + some rain --