Mills's renderings of the facade and interior

Robert Mills drawing of the New London Custom House (front view) [Untitled]

One of the treasures of the Custom House Maritime Museum and its Frank L. McGuire Maritime Library is the portfolio of Robert Mills's original 1833 renderings.  The facade was altered when the building was constructed, 1833-35, the pediment shown here replaced by a commanding horizontal cornice.

Framed full-size copies Mills's drawings are on display in the entrance hall of the Museum that has been created here since ownership of the building was conveyed from the federal government to the New London Maritime Society in the early 1980s.

Below: Hanging next to the framed reproductions is a print of Mills's original design for the Washington Monument, acquired in 2018.  The signatures of Zachary Taylor, Millard Fillmore, Daniel Webster and John Quincy Adams, among others, may have been added to demonstrate the endorsement of the project by notable public figures of the day.



Mills's renderings of the facade and interior