Extracurricular Life

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     When not attending classes the students at Fort Trumbull enjoyed the kinds of recreation found on military bases and at colleges:  sports, dances, movies, card games in the barracks, and Saturday nights out on the town.  A sizable cadre of female civilian employees in the administrative offices, cafeteria, and other departments offered a degree of social balance to the school's all-male training regimen.   

     Protestant, Catholic and Jewish chaplains were on hand, contributing thoughtful columns to the Trumbullog, and casual interviews with students and staff were often printed, such as The Answer Box seen here that asked the question, "Outside of Fort Trumbull, where would you most like to be?"

     The sports events reported here were between the Fort Trumbull students and teams from the Coast Guard contingents based at the Fort and across the harbor at Avery Point in Groton.